Reminder about ATM deposits

Dear Members,

I would like to draw your attention to the following matter:

For all payments to Hoccifc such as Membership fee payment & renewal , or purchase of concert tickets etc..., ATM deposits can ONLY be made at ATM machines of Bank of China/ Nanyang/Chiyu.

Please DO NOT use any other bank's Jetco machine such as Standard Charter, DBS, etc. The reference number of these banks will be different from our bank record and we cannot match them. So usually we need to wait until everyone has sent in their banking record to make sure no one else claims those amount with unmatched reference numbers.

This will delay our process, especially for booking of tickets where we have a time frame to respect and most of the time has to complete the booking within a short time, this may sometimes even affect seating allocations for our whole group.

Thank you for your attention !